Winter at Death's Hotel - Kenneth M. Cameron It is 1896 and the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, has arrived in New York to start a lecture tour. With him is his wife, Louisa. They stay at an upmarket hotel, but just as they are about to check out to start their journey around the eastern states, Louisa trips up and badly sprains her ankle, making it impossible for her to accompany her husband. Reluctantly, he goes on without her.

Really enjoyed this...excellent observations on the culture clash between upper class British and the New World. Also how a woman restrained by traditional roles and moral codes finds New York refreshing liberal. Louisa is a charming character who alternates by being horrified and secretly thrilled at the freedom she experiences. Oh and there is a Ripper-esque murderer at large....unexpectedly powerful and not for the faint hearted.