The Dark Winter (Aector McAvoy Series #1)

The Dark Winter (Aector McAvoy, #1) - David Mark Hull, East Yorkshire. Two weeks before Christmas, an elderly man - the only survivor of a fishing trawler tragedy 40 years before - is found murdered at sea. In a church, a young girl - the last surviving member of a family slaughtered during the conflict in Sierra Leone - is hacked to death with a machete. A junkie, who fled the burning house where he had set his family alight, is found incinerated on a rundown council estate. Someone is killing sole survivors in the manner they had escaped death. And it falls to Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy of Humberside CID to find out whom. McAvoy, despite being a six-foot-five, man mountain of a police officer, is not your typical bullish detective. A shy, gentle giant, he is a family man obsessed with being a good and decent cop; more dab hand with a database than gung-ho with a gun - traits that have seen him become increasingly isolated from his colleagues in the force. Desperate to prove his worth, McAvoy knows he must establish the motive behind the killings if he is to have any chance of pinning the perpetrator. And he must do so quickly, as this twisted yet ingenious killer appears to have an appetite for murder.

Hmm just what I needed … another “first book in a series featuring a charismatic detective…”

I really didn’t want to get ‘involved’ with another detective series just now but so glad I did. The author has written an excellent debut novel. Set in a bleak, wintery Hull, the novel introduces DS Aector McAvoy, gentle giant and loving husband and father just trying to get on with his job. He is investigating a series of killings in which the victims are all sole survivors of past tragedies, including the sinking of a trawler, a massacre in Sierra Leone and a domestic fire.
Tight plotting, strong characters and beautiful writing ensured that it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Looking forward to the next one…

See what happens …hooked in again…..