Dark Matter - Michelle Paver In 1937 Jack Millar is working as a clerk after his dream of a career in research physics looks likely not to be realised. Lonely and dissatisfied he jumps at the chance to join an Arctic expedition, as a radio operator. The other four members of the team are well to do amateur Oxbridge explorers. Jack is more than aware of the social gulf between him and his fellow companions best illustrated by the mortification he feels when he says 'OK' instead of 'Grand'.

Jack cuts a lonely, awkward figure, out of place amongst his team mates and possible out of his depth. Two of the party are forced to drop out even before they reach their destination. On arrival at the uninhabited, desolate ice bound Gruhuken, things quickly start to unravel. It is the beginning of the Arctic winter and the days tare shortening eventually the only light is from the Moon and the glitter of the ice. Two more of the team have to leave and Jack is alone with only the team of Huskies for company.....or is he? This is a slow creeping terror, reminiscent of a M R James story, the author builds the tension and you can feel Jack's growing sense of dread and panic of whatever is out there on the ice.

Beautifully written with breathtaking descriptions of the Arctic landscape and a believable narrator whose mental deterioration is convincingly conveyed. I especially love his relationship that develops with the dogs, initially detesting them to them being his only source of comfort and companionship.

If you like shivery, spooky tales this I would recommend [b:Cold Earth|6556789|Cold Earth|Sarah Moss|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/418-8UkcpNL._SL75_.jpg|6749417], similar premise except this is set in Greenland and is an archaeology expedition