Wolfking - Bridget Wood Time has passed since The Great Devastation which accompanied the visit of The Apocalypse to the blue and green misty isle that is the jewel of the Western World.

In Tugaim Joanna Grady and her family eke out a spartan exisitance, determined not to succumb to the old ways which led to the downfall of the Letheans - humans whose fraility and decadence had brought the Apocalypse to Ireland all those years ago.

Remnants of the lives of the Letheans linger on, as do reminders of the devastation: The Glowing Lands that border Flynn O' Connors home are forbidden territory to all but the keepers of the secret...The Gealtacht. High on a neighbouring hill, houses the mutants unfortunate victims of a terrifying past. Then there are stories of machines which fle or helped a man plough a field in a matter of hours. But Flynn and Joanna are united in their love for an even more remote time,recorded in ancient Lethean book that the O'Connors hide from prying eyes: an ancient Ireland of myth and magic, of kings and queens, witches and giants. It is only when Joanna is threatened with conjoining with Mulrroney,, an ignorant pig farmer, that the truth of the legends is proven at the centre of the Glowing Lands lies the gateway to the kingdom of Corma Mac Airt, Cormac Starrog.The Wolfking. Flynn is devastated by the disappearance of his lover, he vows to find a way to find her and bring her back - if that is possible. Accompanied by Amairgen, Leader of the Keepers, Flynn finds himself at the gates of the Bright Palace, home of the rightful king. But an usurper sits in the Sun Chamber, The Wolfking is in exile. There is no sign of the errant Joanna for she has entered the Wolfkings lair and found herself a reluctant ally in the fight to regain the throne. And there are other contenders for the kingdom of Tara, not least of which is the Erl King, a monstrous figure whose terrifying reputation casts a terrifying shadow across the land

This book is the first in the Wolfkings Trilogy is virtually a reworking of the third in the series 'Rebel Angel'.The remarkable similarity does not detract from the as rebel Angel was so enjoyable and the Wolfline princes are such attractive characters.