I Remember You - Yrsa Sigurðardóttir I Remember You is a cross between a crime narrative and a ghost story, with all the usual spectral apparatus – mysterious messages, sinister stains, creepy children – and plenty of stormy weather and other atmospherics. The trouble starts when townies begin renovating a building in an isolated village in Iceland. Meanwhile, psychiatrist Freyr aids a police investigation into vandalism at a local primary school and looks into the suicide of an elderly woman who turns out to have been obsessed with the disappearance, three years earlier, of Freyr's six-year-old son. These strands are expertly woven together, with plenty of cliffhangers and perfect control of the macabre mood: intriguing, entertaining, and very spooky indeed.

What better read for a winter weekend than a book about people even colder than you? Loved this book, perfect for a cold, dark winter evening. Gardar, Katrin and Lif have to be three of the most hapless characters to ever have had have the misfortune of appearing in a ghost story. Fabulous sense of place; the cold; the isolation; the increasing darkening wilderness and the lack of any creature comforts makes for uncomfortable reading. You get a feel for the 'village' of Hesteyri from Sigurðardóttir's blog


Brilliant, read it with the lights on, check the shadows and whatever you do don't read it in Iceland...