The Broken Ones

The Broken Ones - Stephen M. Irwin The worldwide aftershock of what becomes known as "Gray Wednesday" is immediate and catastrophic, leaving governments barely functioning and economies devastated. Hollow-eyed apparitions appear, haunting their loved ones and others. But some things never change. When Detective Mariani discovers the grisly remains of an anonymous murder victim in the city sewage system, his investigation will pit him against a corrupt police department and a murky cabal conspiring for power in the new world order. Then there is the matter of the dead boy who haunts his every moment. . . .

I love a genre-bender and this is perfect - an occult mystery investigated by a dectective set in a believable futuristic dystopian Australia were everyone has their own personal ghost. It did take me a few chapters to get into it but then it explodes into unputdownable 'into the early hours' binge reading frenzy.

All the characters are well drawn especially the haunted (literally) detective Mariani and there is some beautiful writing to be enjoyed along the way.

"Every second strip light was off, so the effect of light and shadow was like being inside a tigers tail"

Utterly unique, disturbing but full of warmth and humanity. Highly recommended to those who like this kind of tale.