The Blood Dimmed Tide

The Blood Dimmed Tide - Anthony Quinn London at the dawn of 1918 and Ireland's most famous literary figure, WB Yeats, is immersed in supernatural investigations at his Bloomsbury rooms. Haunted by the restless spirit of an Irish girl whose body is mysteriously washed ashore in a coffin, Yeats undertakes a perilous journey back to Ireland with his apprentice ghost-catcher Charles Adams to piece together the killer's identity. Surrounded by spies, occultists and die-hard female rebels, the two are led on a gripping journey along Ireland's wild Atlantic coast.

Written well but somehow I could not connected with this novel.

The descriptions of Sligo and the west coast of Ireland, along with those of the decaying estates of the English gentry are superb and impart a great sense of time and place. However I found the switch of narration between the first and third person confusing. The story, for me, lacked a main focus - was it a ghost story, a thriller or a romance? Too many themes for this poor reader.

I did however love this quote at the beginning of the book