Invisible Murder

Invisible Murder - Lene Kaaberbøl, Agnete Friis In the ruins of an abandoned Soviet military hospital in northern Hungary, two impoverished Roma boys are scavenging for old supplies or weapons to sell on the black market when they stumble upon something more valuable than they ever could have anticipated. The resulting chain of events threatens to blow the lives of a frightening number of people.

Meanwhile, in Denmark, Red Cross nurse Nina Borg puts her life and family on the line when she tries to treat a group of Hungarian Gypsies who are living illegally in a Copenhagen garage. What are they hiding, and what is making them so sick? Nina is about to learn how high the stakes are among the desperate and the deadly.

Not having read the first book I came to this not knowing the back story which I feel did hamper my enjoyment. Not fair to mark it down as it was was written and I enjoyed learning about the Roma and the issues they face.

Don't know if I engaged enough to seek out the Boy in the Suitcase....