Under a Silent Moon

Under a Silent Moon - Elizabeth Haynes In the crisp early morning hours, the police are called to a suspected murder at a farm outside a small English village. A beautiful young woman has been found dead, blood all over the cottage she lived in. At the same time, police respond to a reported female suicide, where a car has fallen into a local quarry.

As DCI Louisa Smith and her team gather the evidence, they discover a link between these two women, a link which has sealed their dreadful fate one cold night, under a silent moon.

Told in a unique way, using source documents that allow readers to interpret the evidence alongside DCI Louisa Smith and her team, Under a Silent Moon is an unsettling and compulsively readable novel that will keep you gripped until the very last page.


I loved Into the Darkest Corner and Human Remains but I was a little disappointed but now realise that might be because I listened to it as an audio book. Looking at the hard copy now I can see that it is set out as so the reader can almost be part of the investigation using the source material. As the author explained:

“More than anything else, I wanted to write a novel that included some realistic source documents alongside the narrative. Under a Silent Moon does that: it’s a police procedural, with a Major Crime team investigating two unexplained deaths; but as well as the story, told by various people involved in the case, the book has witness statements, emails, forensic reports and analysis documents and charts, the idea being that the reader has access to everything they need to solve the crime alongside the investigators. For those who enjoy flicking through a book and seeing diagrams, forms and other interesting diversions, there are clues to be had if you know where to look. And yet the book can be read just as well without paying too much attention to the extra content.”

The story was fine, the characters well drawn, just felt something was missing something and now realise it was! Get the hard copy....