The Shuddering - Ania Ahlborn

They only come when it snows, and nobody ever gets away.

A group of close friends gathers at a secluded cabin in the wintry mountains of Colorado for a final holiday hurrah. Instead, it may be their last stand. First a massive blizzard leaves them marooned. Then the more chilling realization: something is lurking in the woods, watching them, waiting…

Now a weekend of family, friends, and fun has turned into a test of love and loyalty in the face of inhuman horrors. The only hope for those huddled inside is to fight — tooth and nail, bullet and blade — for their lives. Otherwise, they’ll end up like the monsters’ other victims: bright pools of blood on glittering snow, screams lost in the vast mountains. 

Confident book that's bloody good fun and so sure of its self it doesn't even have to give a name to the monsters, it's to enough to know what they can do. 

A group of annoying twenty somethings (and their adorable dog) are trapped in a luxury cabin in the depths of winter. It is just like watching an average horror film, you know, the one where someone leaves the room and say's "I'll be right back....". Oh I don't think you will....

Short,pacey read - perfect for a winter's evening