Before I Go to Sleep - S. J. Watson I so wanted to like this!

The premise is excellent; a woman wakes up each morning having forgotten her life and must relearn it from scratch: who her husband is, where they live, whether or not they have children etc. I was thoroughly entertained for the first few chapters but as the story progressed it developed into an unbelievable and dreary Groundhog Day with gapping plot holes and 'clunky' mechanics.

There was so much repetition and so many jarring errors which really spoiled my reading experience. The jump in narrative device towards the end of the book from journal to full blown first person given everything that has gone before, is preposterous

As I said I loved the idea and the book does have something to say about the role memory plays in defining who you are but in the end a real disappointment.

However, there is a saving grace; this will be one of those rare beasts where the film adaptation is better than the book especially as Ridley Scott has bought the film rights. Yay!