The Season of the Beast - Andrea H. Japp, Lorenza Garcia Synopsis
‘The season of the beast was near…’ 1304. The King of France and the Church are locked in a
battle for power that will also decide the fate of the Knights Templar and Hospitaller.
Meanwhile in the Normandy countryside, young widow Agnes de Souarcy, the beautiful lady of the manor, is fighting to retain her independent way of life, aware that her spiteful half-brother will do anything to destroy her. These two different worlds collide in the forest near Souarcy, where a terrifying creature begins to kill and mutilate a succession of monks on their way to deliver a
secret message of momentous importance. In the first Agnes de Souarcy Chronicle, Andrea Japp
offers the reader a fast-paced, multi-layered mystery within a richly imagined portrait of medieval France.

This is a difficult one...the story and setting were great but something just didn't click. I think I expected a bit more substance. The writing was fine and richly detailed with a good sense of time and place. I struggled with the character of Clement in particular and thought the child prodigy rather implausible. Not sure if I liked it enough to read the next 2 instalments...