Black Seconds - Karin Fossum SYNOPSIS The plot in this book revolves around a child, Ida Joner, that disappears. she rides out on her yellow bike to buy some sweets. When she fails to return 35 minutes after she should have, her mother Helga starts to worry. She starts phoning around, but nobody has seen her. She scours the streets to no avail. So eventually she calls the police.
The next day a local search is organized, but without result. Ida Joner and her yellow bicycle seem to have vanished into thin air. As the relatives reach breaking point and the media frenzy begins, Inspector Sejer is calm and reassuring. But he finds the case puzzling. Usually missing children are found within forty-eight hours. Ida Joner seems to have vanished without a trace. Eventually, all he has to go on is a comment has feels may be significant.

Black Seconds deals with an crime that could happen anywhere. Karin Fossum tells a story of unfortunate confluences of events, accidental occurrences, and opportunities. The path is rich with scenes, characters, and explorations of how people think, and why they make the choices they do. Even so, nothing is certain, the characters are as large as life, and the scenarios so believable. Black Seconds is a powerful, impressive, probing and intriguing novel, almost as good as Calling out for You.

Highly recommended! A simple story, a traditional police procedural but it is the characters and the effects that crime has on ordinary people that make this such a great read.

Though it sounds perverse it really is a gentle thriller.

Fossum writes such empathy and compassion for her cast of characters and that includes for both victim, perpetrator and detectives.