The Guardians - Andrew Pyper I have loved Andrew Pyper darkly, seductive novels, all of them are very different on the surface but underneath they all have similar characteristics, human anxieties and secrets and misgivings.

'The Guardians' has shades of Stephen King's IT and The Body in this coming of age 'supernatural' thriller but there is nothing wrong with that and Pyper doesn't put a foot wrong!
The local haunted house has become part of urban mythology and the Thurman House in the Guardians represents that old abandoned spooky house in our town that we all ran past as children.

Trevor, Randy, Ben and Carl were boyhood friends until, looking for a missing person, they went into the Thurman House and what they found there changed them forever. They are bound by a vow of silence about what they found and the terrible things that happened in the house. Years later Trevor returns to Grimshaw for the funeral of Ben, the only one who stayed behind 'to watch the house' and to makes sure whatever was in there didn't escape. He committed suicide...Accompanied by Randy, Trevor arrives in Grimshaw, Carl joins them for the tragic reunion to find history has a nasty habit of repeating itself and once again, they are forced to venture into the malevolent Thurman House.

The author uses a wonderful duel narrative from Trevor, present day and the past, his 'Memory Diary' using a Dictaphone on which he records episodes from his childhood. The pacing is superb, giving the reader precious little time to contemplate events before hurtling you into the next incident. The story has a perfect balance between the believable and the paranormal and Pyper's imagery is vivid and visceral full of compelling menace

Of course it really is all about friendship, rite of passage, what it is to become a man, and to be a man but as someone said it is a terrifying and breathless and as a midnight dare to run through your local graveyard...