Dead Scared  - S.J. Bolton When a number of suicides occur at Cambridge University, DI Mark Joesbury recruits DC Lacey Flint to go undercover as a student to investigate. Although each student’s death appears to be a suicide, the psychological histories, social networks, and online activities of the students involved share remarkable similarities, and the police are not convinced that the victims acted alone. They believe that someone might be preying on lonely and insecure students and either encouraging them to take their own lives or actually luring them to their deaths. As long as Lacey can play the role of a vulnerable young woman, she may be able to stop these deaths, but is it just a role for her? With her fragile past, is she drawing out the killers, or is she herself being drawn into a deadly game where she’s a perfect victim?

A hard to put down thrilling thriller with a good tightly woven storyline until it all unravels in the last couple of acts and left this reader rather unsatisfied.
Incredibly atmospheric and creepy with good characterisation, the unnerving voyeurism theme of the novel is particularly well done.
Enjoyment of this novel will depend on the ability to suspend disbelief but just go with it, it’s a pacy, gripping read….oh and it has a brilliant dog in it.