The Quarry - Damon Galgut On a lonely stretch of road a nameless man commits a murder. The victim is a religious minister on his way to take up a post in a nearby town. The murderer decides to steal the dead man's identity only to discover that one of his first duties as the new minister is to bury a body that has just been found close to the quarry... The head of the local police, the Captain, takes a keen interest in the minister's work, although there is evidence linking young petty criminals to the crime. The Captain knows it is the new minister who is guilty. But he bides his time, watching, listening, slowly circling his prey. Building to a climax that is almost too much to bear, the Captain is compelled to pursue the murderer across the veld, while his exhausted quarry struggles to make good his escape. In The Quarry, Galgut brings the power of myth to his tender prose to create a devastating drama, alive with tension.

Atmospheric morality tale set in South Africa, beautifully written and full of emotional power. The finale, a tense game of cat and mouse, between hunter and prey is remarkable. The Quarry was made into a feature film, which went on to win prizes on the international film festival circuit