The Prophecy

The Prophecy - John Kilgallon This title had such wide ranging reviews from '...a masterpiece' to 'utter nonsense' it intrigued me enough to read it.

The premise is writer Sam Tynnan has finished his latest novel the subject of which is about of terrorist activities which leads to a potential Armageddon. Just as he congratulating himself and about to send it off to his publisher a group of men break into his flat and forcibly take the book and wipe all traces of it from his computer.

Sam is devastated but not as devastated when it appears that someone is plagiarising his work…in the real world. Current world events seem to be mirroring the fictional events in his book with alarming accuracy.

So far so good...the book starts well enough with thrilling page turning action and well drawn protagonists one of whom brings an interesting Islamic perspective and the mixture of ancient prophecies (from Nostradamus) and modern day terrorism is a clever idea that almost works.

However I felt it lost its way in the middle and the sections with the Nostradamus expert added nothing to the story when they should have had a powerful menacing, ‘doomsday inevitability’. The story became bogged down with unnecessary details and I think with a stricter editor or more disciplined writing this could have been very good. Also I don’t think marketing to Dan Browne spiritual/conspiracy fans is helpful as it is much more a spy/political thriller.

Oh and please proof readers do your job, horrible typos distracted me and made me less inclined to like the book.