Under the Skin - Michel Faber This is one of those books ‘once read, never forgotten’, true to its title it really does get under the skin.

Under the Skin hooks you in from the first sentence: “Isserley always drove straight past a hitch-hiker when she first saw him, to give herself time to size him up. She was looking for big muscles: a hunk on legs. Puny, scrawny specimens were no use to her.”

This book is a nightmare to review as its impact lies in the slow realisation of who Isserley is and what she is doing. As Paul Bryant says ‘you only find out bit by bit and it gets weirder until you just can't stand it’ http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/6877332

and when you do, ‘get it,’ your world falls away…

Faber takes you on an utterly compelling and thought-provoking journey from start to finish touching on humanity, empathy, consumerism and shallowness of society.

Startlingly original, elegant and concisely written and with a most compelling protagonist who makes you re-evaluate what it means to be human.