Brodmaw Bay - F.G. Cottam SYNOPSIS
It’s the perfect seaside village—no crime, no one from the city. When
things start to go badly wrong for James Greer in London, Brodmaw Bay
seems to be calling him and his family. There’s a perfect house,
excellent schools—and welcoming neighbours who assure the Greers that
they’d be delighted to have some new blood in the Bay. But perhaps the
village isn’t so much welcoming them as luring them, to something
ancient and evil.

I have been waiting ages for this and it was worth it!

My only complaint, well I have two actually; it wasn’t long enough and the cover. I love the spooky, dreamy covers of his previous novels and thought this one was a real change in style, less subtle and maybe with an eye to the mass market. Plus I felt that there was much more I would have liked to explore in this story, especially in the Cornish section, I wanted to know more about the locals, how the society was organised and where their beliefs originated from.

I thoroughly enjoy the gradual creeping feeling of unease in Cottam’s work and this style works so well here; building from slight feelings of unease to shocking disbelief

The scares, when they come, are subtly drawn from the terrifying glimpses of the Spookmeister to a heartbreaking child ghost…oh and I can’t forget the rows of burlap sacks in the desecrated ruined church…very unsettling indeed. It is that fleeting movement; chilling glimpses ‘out of the corner of my eye’ disbelief .

But it is the character-driven narrative that makes the story so compelling. I thought the two children were especially engaging characters; I struggled to find any warmth for their parents, especially the Father who was such a left wing, right on, socialist until reality happens ‘on his doorstep’ but hey…scratch the surface.

This quote sums it up for me :
"FG Cottam succeeds brilliantly ….making the paranormal palatable to the sceptical with austerely elegant prose, psychological conviction and an instinctive grasp of indefinable “cool”. "(Daily Telegraph)

Can't wait to see what this author does next!