The White Devil - Justin Evans I wish I liked this more than I did, after reading the blurb I thought I would have LOVED it!

SYNOPSIS Set in a four-hundred-year-old boys’ boarding school in London, a
chilling gothic thriller by the author of the critically acclaimed ‘A Good and Happy Child’ When frightening and tragic events from that long-ago past start to recur in Harrow’s present, and when the dark and deadly spectre by whom Andrew’s been haunted seems to be all too real, Andrew is forced to solve a two-hundred-year-old literary mystery that threatens the lives of his friends and his teachers—and, most terrifyingly, his own.

An interesting concept, a well thought out literary mystery with an excellent moody, atmospheric feel but I just couldn't take to the characters. The lead, Andrew, I never felt as if I got to know him, I couldn't stand Persephone Vine. I felt that some of the characters were trying too hard to be English eccentrics. Some chilling set pieces that worked really well but ultimately I felt the characters let the story down and it never lived up to the hype.

Still worth a read if you like spooky,gothic, atmospheric novels.