Sanctus - Simon Toyne I occasionally have the unexplainable urge to read quasi-religious hodgepodge
conspiracy-theory, thrillers and Sanctus, first in a trilogy, falls into that genere.

Set in the fictional city of Ruin, in modern day Turkey, the start of
the novel was breathtaking, with its cinematic description of a monk
standing arms outstretched on top of The Citadel then falling/jumping to his
death beacause he cannot come to terms with the BIG secret

Toyne writes well, and Sanctus is an enjoyable read but I like my
'sects and violence' thrillers to have a foot in reality - I really
don't like fictional cities (if that makes sense??). I was struggling a
bit in the middle but the BIG secret drew me in, kept me guessing and reading on.

The big reveal was jaw dropping, I never saw that coming at all.
Da Vinci Code it is not and thank heavens for that!

Toyne recently finished his second book, The Key, which will be
published next year; he agrees that the second volume is the most
important part in any trilogy.

“Don’t think Matrix Reloaded,” he says. “Think Empire Strikes Back.”

Oh ok.....