Pretty Little Dead Things - Gary McMahon Thomas Usher sees dead people – the bigger problem is that worse things can see him...

Thomas Usher is a tortured soul, weighed down with guilt after the death of his wife and child following a car accident which left them dead and him with the ability to see dead people.

I wanted to read his book because I was curious to find out how Thomas Usher compared to John Connolly’s Charlie Parker with similar circumstances.

There are strong similarities in the characters and their situations but that is where it ends. The geographical settings sum up the differences between the styles perfectly: Maine and Leeds.

Maine, steeped in folklore, with its everlasting winter, vast, mysterious woods, wild rugged coastline has a haunted, cruel poetic beauty. While Leeds… bleak, brutal, gritty and visceral. It’s very grim oop North

The bleakness is relentless – the mantra is “Memento Mori” remember you will die but the writing is fabulous and almost slips into an angst-ridden prose at times. Thomas Usher is a compelling character so full of guilt he can hardly function, a truly broken man. Reminds me a little of early Clive Barker/Ramsey Campbell.