Florence and Giles - John  Harding An effective gothic pastiche of one of my favourite novels M.R James 'Turn of the Screw' but I am really frustrated that I did not enjoy it as much as everyone else seemed to.

I loved the story and the mystery surrounding the characters, the strangeness of the children's lives and the sinister witch-like governess. In this game of cat and mouse things aren't quite what they seem, with twists and turns and draughty corridors, flickery candles and black crows in the snow. Wonderfully gothic, and eerily creepy, you get the feeling everything is there to be discovered and you know more than the narrator (who is very unreliable) but only if you can put it all together.


I seem to be one of the very few people on the planet that found Florence's narrative 'verbing' style grating and distracting. Now this may be because I listened to it as an audio book and seemed to be anticipating the reinventions. But how can "commenced to restlessing" be an improvement on "became restless"? But it got to the point when I felt that it was becoming forced.

Maybe it makes for a better readery than a listenery :D