The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker What if our 24-hour day grew longer, first in minutes, then in hours, until day became night and night became day? What effect would this slowing have on the world? On the birds in the sky, the whales in the sea, the astronauts in space, and on a family and a young girl, who is already coping with the normal disasters of everyday life?

One seemingly ordinary Saturday morning in a California suburb, Julia and her parents wake to discover that the rotation of the earth has suddenly begun to slow. No one knows why, no one knows how to deal with it. The enormity of this change is almost beyond comprehension.

Told through Julia’s eyes, this beautiful and original novel shows how easily life can fragment, within a family, within a community, and on a far wider plane when the rhythm of life as we know it is knocked so unexpectedly out of kilter. Luminous, haunting, unforgettable, The Age of Miracles is a stunning debut.

Loving dystopian novels at the moment, they make me really appreciate the life I am living!

This gradual, melancholy death of the earth is truly haunting but the main focus of the book a coming of age/rites of passage story filled with the loneliness and angst of the pre-teen that just happens to be taking place at the end of the world.So beautifully written I found myself constantly re reading passages and noting down quotes every few page.

The science is a bit dodgy and contrived but stick with it if only for the beauty of such bitter-sweet prose....

“When we finally understood what was happening that morning, Hannah and I rushed outside to check the sky for evidence. But the sky was just the sky--an average, cloudless, blue. The sun shone unchanged. A familiar breeze was blowing from the direction of the sea, and the air smelled the way it always did back then, like cut grass and honeysuckle and chlorine. The eucalyptus trees were fluttering like sea anemones in the wind, and my mother's jug of sun tea looked nearly dark enough to drink.”

“How much sweeter life would be if it all happened in reverse, if, after decades of disappointments, you finally arrived at an age when you had conceded nothing, when everything was possible?”