The Yellow Birds - Kevin Powers An unforgettable depiction of the psychological impact of war, by a young Iraq veteran and poet, THE YELLOW BIRDS is already being hailed as a modern classic.

Everywhere John looks, he sees Murph.

He flinches when cars drive past. His fingers clasp around the rifle he hasn't held for months. Wide-eyed strangers praise him as a hero, but he can feel himself disappearing.

Back home after a year in Iraq, memories swarm around him: bodies burning in the crisp morning air. Sunlight falling through branches; bullets kicking up dust; ripples on a pond wavering like plucked strings. The promise he made, to a young man's mother, that her son would be brought home safely.

Written by "...the new war poet" Kevin Powers The Yellow Birds is a wonderfully powerful, harrowing, yet poetic account, of a young America soldier Private John Bartle serving in Iraq who befriends new recruit Daniel "Murph" Murphy.

Their fate rests with a useless lieutenant, and the soldiers' real leader, the deranged Sergeant Sterling.

The author tells the haunting story of John's war (and beyond) and all the trauma, guilt and numbness that entails.

Powerful stuff