The Silence - Sarah Rayne Stilter House, set in a remote part of the Derbyshire Peaks, is said to stand on haunted ground. Once there was a much older property there – a house in which the notorious Isobel Acton committed a vicious crime. But antiques dealer Nell West only knows the house as her dead husband’s childhood home, and is happy to value the contents.
In Oxford, Nell’s lover, Michael Flint is warned that Nell and her small daughter, Beth, must not go to Stilter House. ‘Because Esmond is still there…’

Soon after Nell and Beth arrive, Nell hears a piano being played somewhere in the house. But the music room is closed up, the piano is locked, and the key is missing. And clues left by earlier occupants suggest the music has been heard before…

As Nell and Michael are pulled deeper into Stilter House’s dark past, it becomes horrifyingly clear that not only is the music bound up with Esmond, it is also tangled with Isobel’s macabre fate.

Not going to rate this novel as to get the most out of it I do think you need to have to have read the first two in the series. Oh dear, I really must stop doing this. I didn't realise that Sarah Rayne had started writing a series and this is the third book! I have read some of her stand alone psychological thrillers and enjoyed them and was pleased to see that this was billed as an old-fashioned ghost story.

The author is a particularly good storyteller and writes compellingly.

I love epistolary literature and the stories behind the story were much more interesting than the modern day narrative. But this was probably because I wasn't engaged with the characters as much as I maybe would have been if I had read the previous titles....

Minor Gripe : One thing that did annoy me is the Nell character clutching at straws to give rational explanations to every spooky incident and as this is her third outing into this territory one would think she would have learned to trust her own eyes by now….. but I guess you can't have two believers paired or the story would go nowhere :)

But a good, solid spooky read