Like This, For Ever - S.J. Bolton Like This, For Ever is the story of eleven-year-old Barney Roberts and his father, Stewart. Barney is a sad, strange, sweet young boy, and one with an unusual gift for finding things that are lost.

Stewart does his best to be a good parent, but he has a job and Barney spends much of his time alone. Barney’s mother went out of their lives years ago. In fact Barney’s earliest memory is of his father telling him that mummy had to go away for a while. So it’s just the two of them.

In the winter of Barney’s last year at primary school, boys of his age in South London start disappearing. Their blood-drained bodies turn up several days later on the banks of the river Thames at low tide. At first, Barney and his mates are rather excited, loving the vicarious thrill of being so close to the ultimate bogeyman - the serial killer who preys upon boys just like them. But Barney has an enquiring mind. He takes an active interest in the case. He starts to see patterns and clues that the police may have missed. He starts to suspect the killer could be a lot closer than even his darkest dreams could have imagined.

Like This, For Ever is also the continuing story of detective Lacey Flint. After three back-to-back, bad-as-they-come cases, Lacey has hit rock bottom. For years, her job has meant everything. It has, quite literally, been all that she has, and now she faces losing even that.

‘I just can’t do it anymore,’ Lacey said. ‘I can’t look into people’s eyes and see the dark.’

But as Lacey is on the brink of leaving the police service for good, the killer takes a step too far. When the latest victim is the one child she cannot allow to be lost, broken, worn-out Lacey has no choice but to step back into the fray.