The Memory of Trees - F.G. Cottam Billionaire Saul Abercrombie owns a vast tract of land on the Pembrokeshire coast. His plan is to restore the ancient forest that covered the area before medieval times, and he employs young arboreal expert Tom Curtis to oversee this massively ambitious project.

Saul believes that restoring the land to its original state will rekindle those spirits that folklore insists once inhabited his domain. But the re-planting of the forest will revive an altogether darker and more dangerous entity – and Saul’s employee Tom will find himself engaging in an epic, ancient battle between good and evil. A battle in which there can be only one survivor.

There is something about ancient woodland…..thinking about how I got completely spooked whilst walking through one in the wild west of Ireland. I suppose it is the feeling that there is something watchful and hidden and very, very old *shudder*...a primeval fear.

If you’re not convinced try reading A View From a Hill by M. R. James or The Willows by Algernon Blackwood

F.G Cottam’s books always give me that off kilter feeling of uneasiness , like that small movement caught in the corner of your eye, add to that his latest is about an ancient forest, I felt twitchy before I even started it!

Mr Cottam’s slow burning tale has his trademark of sense of brooding eeriness that grows into a palpable malevolence. The characters, are as always, well drawn and believable and the location has presence all of its own.

The author isn't afraid to take risks with his characters and plotlines, leading you down familiar paths then suddenly letting go of your hand; you have no idea what lies ahead but it’s not good!

The perfect autumn read…just be careful kicking though those fallen leaves...