The Asylum

The Asylum - Johan Theorin We don’t talk about sick or healthy people at St Patricia’s. Words such as hysteric, lunatic and psychopath… They are no longer used. Because who amongst us can say that we are always healthy?’

An underground passage leads from the Dell nursery to Saint Patricia’s asylum. Only the children enter, leaving their minders behind. On the other side are their parents – some of the most dangerous psychopaths in the country.

Jan has just started working at the nursery. He is a loner with many secrets and one goal. He must get inside the asylum . . .
What is his connection with one of the inmates, a famous singer?
What really happened when a boy in his care went missing nine years ago?

Who can we trust when everyone has something to hide?

I was initially was a bit disappointed that The Asylum was not book four of the Öland series by this excellent author.However that was assuaged by the sheer readability of this stand alone novel which is much darker and more disturbing than Theorin’s dreamy, otherworldly Öland tales.

The 3 strand narrative story winds tighter around the reader as Jan's troubled past is revealed little by little and you spend most of the time reading wondering whether he is trustworthy or not; whether you like him or not and is he really suitable for working with children….???

By the time I was a third of the way through I had decided I didn't trust any of the characters and all the doubt, mistrust and grown dread makes for a anxious reading experience!

A first class psychological thriller that that delivers an unbelievable tense reading experience.