A Lovely Way to Burn

A Lovely Way to Burn - Louise Welsh It doesn't look like murder in a city full of death.

A pandemic called 'The Sweats' is sweeping the globe. London is a city in crisis. Hospitals begin to fill with the dead and dying, but Stevie Flint is convinced that the sudden death of her boyfriend Dr Simon Sharkey was not from natural causes. As roads out of London become gridlocked with people fleeing infection, Stevie's search for Simon's killers takes her in the opposite direction, into the depths of the dying city and a race with death.

I found this disappointing, the pandemic riddled London was done very well but the mystery of the dead boyfriend was puzzling to me.

Stevie admits that the relationship wasn't that serious so why why why would you put yourself at risk running about a lawless city trying to solve a crime.

Call me heartless but you wouldn't see me for dust....